The Literacy Center for Dyslexia

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Created by the Hayden Family. The donations go towards the sliding scale to help with tuition support for children who can’t afford it. Our goal is to help as many children as we can learn how to read.

Custom Learning Solutions for Kids

Serving children with language based learning disabilities

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Americans with Dyslexia

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Our Mission & Values

Empowering children by supporting unique learning talents and improving outcomes of skills by providing personalized, multisensory interventions through evidence-based language interventions, proven step-by-step literacy programs, and engaging mindfulness practices.


Understanding our students needs at a deeply personalized level.


Helping our students to recognize and user their gifts to succeed.


Meeting our students at their level to help them succeed.


Unleash the unique talents and gifts of our students.


Treating our students with dignity and kindness.


Helping students succeed through goal setting and learning strategies.

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Creating a Brighter Future for Children

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